What Brings Fire to Your Blood?

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Sometimes inspiration comes when it’s least expected. Like when a stranger in a bookstore asks you a question and it strikes your core. In fact, that’s the story behind this post.

As an attempt to confront social anxiety and reach out to others, I approached a stranger and asked a blogging related question.

My question: “What do you like to read on blogs? I’m a blogger and I’m considering different topics to write about.”

Reply: “What brings fire to your blood? Write about that.”

That response hit me hard. I began to wonder about not only my answer, but also others’ answers.

And so I contacted some of my fellow bloggers and asked,

What Brings Fire to Your Blood?

Here are their answers. I’ll leave you to ponder the question as you read on.

daveursilloDave Ursillo of daveursillo.com

“Living with purpose and passion brings fire to my blood. I harness these strengths through my writing, and more specifically, through writing for others. I strive to share positive messages that blow-minds and inspire people to live happy, grateful and driven lives–and that really makes me feel alive, too.

Contributing to the lives of others’ in these ways makes me feel calmed but highly motivated, peaceful but fired up, strong but humble. In short, living “for others” provides me with a very humble and purposeful sense of Being.”



benlangBen Lang of epiclaunch.com

“I’m passionate about running an online community. I love hearing people’s feedback and ideas which always brings fire to my blood.”



AlanPerlmanAlan Perlman of the9to5alternative.com

“Stepping outside of my comfort zone. Whether that’s intellectual, cultural, physical, etc. — anytime I’m exposed to something new, something hard and challenging, something that forces me to grow, to develop, to adapt, that’s what brings fire to my blood. It can be training for a marathon, or traveling to a new country, or something as simple as a new relationship, a new food or an interesting book that tweaks the way I think about a subject. Embracing the uncomfortable, that’s fire.”



Christian-HollingsworthChristian Hollingsworth of smartboydesigns.com

“The things that bring fire to my blood are opportunities where I am able to produce, promote and/or design change. In whatever capacity or venture that might be. Some examples in my life have been the participation in music productions, blogging, writing, drawing, public speaking & my own personal growth and development. All these things, and more, are receptacles of change. I believe these thoughts go right along with your original question. Fire. Fire is medium by which change is produced. Tremendous heat from a fire has the power to mold and manipulate even the strongest of materials: metal. By which beautiful pieces of artwork are created, bridges built and homes strengthened. I seek always, to have a degree of “fire” within in my soul for all things I dedicate my time to.”



David-AlmostBohemianDavid of almostbohemian.com

“One day when I’m long and gone, I’d like my legacy to be one that incites excitement in people. That’s pretty much it. I’d like to be the type of envy that inspires others. I’ve already discovered that by living a life that excites me, I always feel good. So what brings fire to my blood? Doing what I love in that moment. It could be surfing, rebuilding old motorcycles, traveling, reading Twain, or learning Italian. However my mood strikes, I run with it. Feed that passion. It’s what makes me come alive.”



JK-AllenJK Allen of hustlersnotebook.com

“Helping others brings fire to my blood. One way I do that is through blogging, which offers me another venue to serve others. Through The Hustler’s Notebook I’m able to share lessons, in hopes to positively impact others. ”



Jacob-SokolJacob Sokol of sensophy.com

“Anytime that I step outta my comfort zone and shut that “don’t do it” part of my monkey-mind up, I become fully alive. Whether its starting a conversation with a beautiful women, being radically transparent about my struggles on Sensophy, reaching out to my heroes, or jumping outta an airplane 13,000 feet above ground – I’m all about it.

Our lives expand or shrink in direct proportion to our comfort zones. So if you’re looking for a fail-proof way to be bored and miserable in life – value comfort. However if you’re looking to be fully alive with blood boiling like volcanic lava liquid, BECOME COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE!”



Oni-BamideleOni of youngprepro.com

“The one major thing that brings fire to my blood is results – it doesn’t matter if the result is directly from me or from someone I so much respect I feel more inspired to do more. When I put some efforts into optimizing my blog posts for the search engine and I see a 30% increase in traffic I become motivated to achieve more. When I income increases by 40% in one month I become inspired to achieve more. When I see the earnings/traffic of my favorite blogger double in one month I see the possibilities of me achieving similar results and I do my best to make sure I succeed.”

A Few Final Thoughts

This is a great question because it can help you prioritize.

Are you pursuing your passions or letting time slip away?

Note: If you’d like to be included in this interview series and did not receive an invite, you can send your reply via the contact form on this blog or email sean{at}vunty.com Please keep your response under 300 words.


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