Work in Any Market: A Brief Guide for the Unemployed

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Kick the Bad Habit

Looking for a job? I’ve been there. The first month of last summer, I was unemployed after my high school graduation. I searched job board websites day-in and day-out. Admittedly, I started getting into a bad habit of laziness. I would think to myself, “No luck today, maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow”. I would wait day after day without finding anything.

I had a very short term mindset at the time. I was solely thinking about finding summer work. I wanted to make money so I could add to my college savings. My attitude became very problematic; since I was only thinking about the short term, I completely ignored any long-term opportunities. I was not willing to make any kind of an effort on a long-term project.

I continued searching the job boards and my productivity hit an all-time low. Finally, towards the end of the summer, I began to realize that if I couldn’t find a job, I could always create one. Since I couldn’t find an opening on the market for the summer, I decided to make myself a job. That’s right, I produced a job out of thin air. I freelanced to clients and ended up earning over $1000 that summer.

Lesson: Don’t just do what’s easy. It’s easy to search the job boards and complain. The truth is, there are plenty of moneymaking opportunities available, as long as your head’s in the right place.

Tip: Think about doing something purposeful.

Move Forward

Once I changed my mindset, I started working on an ebook(to be released soon) and freelanced. Working for myself was actually very rewarding. I was able to decide a lot on my own: my hours, my pay, and my tasks. But most importantly, I allowed myself room to develop in whatever way I saw fit. Instead of following outside guidelines, I followed my own.

My Suggestion: Can’t find a job? Create one.


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2 thoughts on “Work in Any Market: A Brief Guide for the Unemployed

  1. Sean Post author

    Hey Paul,

    I mainly freelanced internet marketing work but I also did a few small WordPress consulting gigs for blogs. I’m going to be releasing an eBook detailing my specific freelance approach so you might be interested in that. Thanks for the resource, I’ll definitely check it out.

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